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Frequently Asked Questions

It's important to know everything you can about the products you're buying and the company you are supporting - that's why we seek to be transparent about all of our processes and procedures. We hope the below will answer your questions about our company, products, and procedures. If anything is missing here, please contact us at 859.785.8500 or!

About Our Products

Where are your products made?

Our products are made in the USA and orders are shipped directly from our facility in Lexington, Kentucky.

What products do you have?

We are always thinking of new and inventive ways to provide aromatherapy that fits your everyday life. Our aromatherapy products are scented only with pure essential oils derived from plants. Try our best-selling Shower Burst® Duo for an at-home spa experience. Or, try an Essential Oil Roll-On when you're on-the-go, or a Bathtub Tea for a blissful soak without the mess.

About Shower Burst®

What is a Shower Burst?

Each Shower Burst tablet delivers aromatherapy while you shower. Made with natural ingredients and scented with pure essential oils, using a Shower Burst tablet is a unique way to enjoy aromatherapy everyday!

How do I use a Shower Burst?

Shower Burst tablets are easy to use! Unwrap the tablet, place in the sachet, and splash with water to infuse the air with essential oils from our curated blends. Hang away from the direct stream for the longest lasting experience.

How long does a Shower Burst last?

A Shower Burst tablet can last 3-4 showers - sometimes longer! Wet to reactivate with each shower.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products are best enjoyed within 12-18 months of purchase. As long as a Shower Burst® tablet remains wrapped it will hold the aromatherapy properties for 12-18 months, as well.

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